The android version of Dyseggxia is currently a beta version. Feel free to download it and play around, and feel free to send us some feedback of your experience! :)

This application requires around 1Mb of free space in your android phone, and is available for android 2.2 and above. It will ask for permission to access the internet, this is because we track anonymous usage information for our research.

If you have never installed an android application from somewhere else than the market on your phone before, make sure to enter the settings menu and check the box that refers to applications from outside the market within the "applications" settings menu.

Download Source code


The iOS version of Dyseggxia is currently available for free from the App Store! You can play Dyseggxia on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, just download by following the link below:

App Store

User Manual & Technical Overview

Feel free to download our User Manual and Technical Overview to further understand our app!

User Manual Technical Overview


If you have any issues, feedback, or would just like to give us your opinion, feel free to contact the team at dyseggxia [at] gmail [dot] com :)