Luz & Clara

Luz and Clara met in June 2011, during the Google EMEA Scholar's Retreat in Zurich. From the very first moment, they felt a strong connection and started to dream about collaborating in some project.

The occasion came around in March 2012, when they decided to join their abilities to develop a game that included Clara's passion for android development and Luz's studies involving dyslexic people.

Luz Rello


Luz is a linguist who did a master in natural language processing and now is doing her Ph.D. on developing technologies to improve accessibility for dyslexic people. Her research interests include ellipsis, accessibility metrics, text customization and simplification. You can see her publications and projects here:

But, what Luz finds more motivating is bringing research to applications for people, such as Dyseggxia.

Luz is responsible for the content design of Dyseggxia, combining linguistics, pedagogy and usability testing.

Clara Bayarri


Clara is a graduated translator specialized in Spanish, English and Japanese. She currently studies an Informatics bachelor at UPC - BarcelonaTech and is specializing in Software Engineering. Her interests include mobile application development, interface design and usability.

In her free time, Clara likes to collaborate in mobile projects such as Dyseggxia. You can find some of her most recent projects on her personal page

Clara is responsible for the technical side of Dyseggxia, including game design and implementation.


Azuki is a Spanish graphical designer and illustrator with a very unique style. She is responsible for all the beautiful graphics in the application. You can find her work over at azuki blog.